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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." the gun control bill, do you think it was shot down? i can't say that. but it wasn't down. it did go down, and my favorite moment when people started yelling from literally the stands shame, shame on you! because it is a shame on them. we'll get to that story in a minute. but what a ride with in terms of the boston bombing. ladies and gentlemen, we got to--except we didn't. if you've been following the
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news, you saw they said well, there has been a suspect who was arrested, then they had to pull it back. we'll summarize all that for you in 30 seconds watch. >> we have one person in focus. that's our focus right now. we'll try to apprehend that suspect, he's been identified. >> i shouldn't say this on tv but this is a good time when tv unfolds. there is a difference between identification that every can confirm. this may look very different in an hour if we learn there have been no arrests, but the good news is that there is identification of an individual. >> someone can be taken into custody without an arrest. >> this is all in technology. >> i have three separate sources but two that are highly placed in terms of the investigation who have told me there have been no arrests. and in fact, a suspect has not
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been named by name yet. we're looking for someone but they don't haven't anyone in custody yet, and they don't have identification. >> cenk: oops, cnn the most busted name in news. i had to go there. let's go to the panel. hey her here shayna is here. jayar jackson producer for "the young turks." how culpable is cnn go. >> particularly in the past few weeks i've been aggravated by cnn. the colors are red no matter what they're doing. for that reason i think they're losing their credibility even more than before because they want to give you something even though it's false to make you feel like you know what is going on. then they take it back and no one calls them out on it. >> cenk: well, shayna, you saw twitter. >> it's tweet bad.
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it's not a good day on twitter. so much of the news was happening first on twitter before we saw anything on cnn that further erosion of what people trust are they going to look at twitter think for themselves, turn on cnn. for cnn which makes its bread and butter in this emergency moment, this was not a good day. >> cenk: shayna handles digital media for us. i think twitter is driving them crazy. someone on twitter said something. we should have been there first. it was just a dude, and they don't know. >> people on twitter are better at sorting that out than cnn. i think there is a lot more skepticism that i'm seeing on social media that people are weighing is this person credible if people on twitter
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are able to accomplish that, why not those at cnn. >> twitter has a community. it's unfair battle. i'm going to defend cnn a little bit. fox did it, too oh, an arrest was saying. first let's see what other channels are doing. nbc was not doing it, okay, something is wrong here. but even the day of the bombing the first time i saw anything about it was on twitter. >> we all sat here in the newsroom waiting for that to hit television, trying to figure out what happened. >> there are reporters everywhere in the world. cnn cannot have someone in the right place all the time. they don't have enough. >> i think it's the new management at cnn that is like, i got to get there. but they got to bring it down. it's okay. look, i don't even mind them getting this wrong that much.
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so cnn got it wrong for ten minutes, who cares. but to me, they don't investigate the government. the problem with cable news and network news, they're not out there challenging the government on all these things going down. they get a story wrong for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours, that's the least of their problems. >> that happens from time to time. do you think this particular incident is going to have a lasting impact with cnn's image? >> i don't know, i think to what you were saying, everyone is trying to do everything, particularly the tv networks. they're trying to get get there first, show the visuals and this in-depth thing. it manhunt journalism is never going to be best done on television. there is too much of the investigative piecemeal that has
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to coming. >> it takes time for tv. on twitter you're done. now on another part of the controversy on cnn shaun king got a little racialist. it's the source. we'll show it to you. >> a physical description was given to me. we'll be very careful here because this is essentialtive description. sensitive information. the description was that it was a dark-skinned person. given the sensitivity when we get into these things. >> cenk: there was a tweet--this became a twitter show, the young activitiers. >> he was saying you have to be tree careful. in the other clip, i shouldn't say this on tv. it's like one of those things
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where you say i don't want to be offensive but-- >> it's non-information. what dark skin are you talking about. your collection complexion, my complexion. >> he means muslim. >> that's why he uses that term. the first thing comes to mind that this is going to sound bad and how do i make it not sound bad. but it's the nature of the boost. he's pressured to get it first get it right. when he gets it he has to say it with prefacing with all these statements and then he's wrong any way. >> he was too politically correct. like who the hell was it in a sense. i need everybody to understand at home there has been a suspect identified. we see him on the tape, so they got him with the bag putting it into a garbage can but they have
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not arrested him. they don't have him. right? it's possible that john king's source is right. on the tape the guy looks dark skinned. what does that mean? if he would have went with olive skin it could have looked more like cenk, middle eastern then wolf is trying to give us include. >> we can't say whether the person spoke with an foreign accept or american accent. that's premature. >> that is what we call a push-pull. foreign accent. say yes. >> he's saying we can't say. but the fact that he's saying it you have it in your head. i think we're moving past the time about who gets it first and more about who gets it right. i think cnn will be out of the picture.
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>> no one is saying anything about nbc today and how they didn't get it force. >> everybody is giving credit to nbc because their legal expert came on and said, no, no, no, they did not arrest anyone. by the way, it was not all cnn. ap and they are the most trusted name in news, and they got it wrong. bnc is saying i draw the line. no one has been arrested. >> yes, it's dangerous. there are people who want to get revenge in all instances. i think i saw that guy. i was standing near that, oh i think that guy lives on main street. >> just due process. >> that goes to this point. today there was a story about how when they thought that they had the guy in the hospital--one
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of the original stories. the police are guarding someone at a hospital who is a person of interest. apparently people we know to the hospital with bats. obviously it wasn't the guy. then there was a saudi guy who was running away from the scene. that's because there was a bomb, and everyone was running from the scene. on the her geraldo show today someone said i'm a southy. the guy who did this, we know a lot of people in boston. we're going to talk to people. you better hope the cops find you before we do. we have a couple of blowtorches and a wire. that's what he literally say. we talk about this on "the young turks" all the time. i'm full of vengeance, but what if you got the wrong guy. >> there are a lot of folks on read it who say on one hand they're helping trying to
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identify who is wearing a backpack and then you try to match them up with facebook photos and figure out who's who. is that something that we want crowd sourced? do we have confidence in the boston p.d. to handle that massive amount. >> more sow than every day people on read it. >> we have much more confident in that situation. >> cenk: you know what guys, don't do it man. don't say, i think i know that guy. he looks like that grainy video--don't do it. you'll do something terrible to the wrong guy. they're very good at this. they've been calm throughout. you saw the guys in the white suits, they're from the fbi. they'll take the evidence to quantico don't do vigilante nonsense. and when we come back, the gun bill failed. everyone is angel about it,
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including me. we'll talk about it when we come back. >> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, back on "the young turks." speaking of information you should take with a grain of salt. cbs is reporting two different things. first of all the fbi will be releasing a photo of the guy to see if someone knows him can identify him. again don't take afghanistan action on your own. and they'll report that tomorrow. we'll zoo how that turns out. even more speck at a live from cnn. reporting that it was a white guy with a baseball cap turned backwards which describes approximately 50% of boston. don't do anything to white guys with baseball caps turned backwards in botch. that's also crazy. that's the latest. i also wanted to let you know that the president also got a letter filled with poison.
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we were talking about how the senators from mississippi got one. two senators got letters, also the president. they're all okay. they were caught ahead of time, and apparently it's the guy who sends a lot of letters to congress. they're not overreacting to it. reaction is a little muted, but we know the president got the letter and he's okay. on to gun control issues. there was a vote in the senate and president obama said it was very important and he fought hard for it. we have joe manchin a-rating from the nra and pat toomey, agreeing. there are a hundred loopholes in it but some sort of background check. obviously this passed. >> the order of the senate.
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the vote on the vote, the nays are 46. under the previous order requiring 60 votes for the adoption of this amendment. the amendment is not agreed to. >> cenk: not agreed to. now of course 54 used to be a majority these days they just assume that you need to get to 60 because the republicans let's be very clear about this, filibustered this bill, a bill that 91% of americans agreed with. a larger number because 91% believe in background checks. the president was not happy about the circumstance. let's go to his reaction. >> i'm going to speak plainly and honestly about what's happened here because the american people are trying to figure out how can something have 90% support yet not happen? i've heard folks say having the families of victims lobby for this legislation was some how
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misplaced. a prop, somebody called it. emotional blackmail some outlet said. are they serious? all in all this was a pretty shameful day for washington. this effort is not over. i want to make it clear to the american people we can still bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence so long as the american people don't give up on it. >> cenk: the president was mad and called out the nra for lying about this bill which is certainly true. one of the lice spread around, oh my god, there will be a federal gun rental industry. some are culling it the new death panel conspiracy. the gun registry is already banned by federal law and this law banned it again. it's doubly banned. in the bill the registry is not allowed. on top of it, if a government
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official tries to do a gun registry it's a felony punishable by 15 years. how clear do they have to be but nonetheless the nra lied about it, and the bill failed. shayna and hermela aregawi and michael shure joining us from "the war room." there is always someone in "the war room." >> i try to remind people that every single day. today it's just me. >> cenk: good, good. i like to see that someone is in the war room, and michael shure. >> or somebody. >> cenk: michael, let me start with you on this one. man, it looks like to be fair to president obama and joe biden they really wanted this. they tried hard, and they still couldn't get it. >> it was plainly obvious how badly they wanted it. you saw a real attachment to these families by the president. you said it right a moment ago this was, in fact, a filibuster. the cowards on the democratic
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side and red states who don't hear 90%. mother teresa less popular than background checks. kittens are less popular. hot dogs, apple pie, baseball all less popular. they really blew it in the united states senate today. it's a shameful death. >> cenk: i don't even watch baseball any more. part of the answer is the nra. joe manchin had an a-rating from the nra. i was surprised he went this far. listen to what he said this morning. >> they're telling members that our legislation i quote criticize the private transfer of firearms by honest citizens. this bill does not even touch--it does not even touch it. >> that's just a lie. if they lose credibility they've lost everything in washington. >> cenk: but that's the part that amuses me. oh, really like if you lose credibility in washington you've lost everything?
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my guess is if you have the money you haven't lost a thing. and nra had credit ability? but they did burn bridges. they had a lot of people in their pocket, and manchin was one of them. >> don't you think the bridge hurts manchin more than the nra? i feel like the nra came out of here unscathed and it feels like we're worse off than aurora and newtown. there is no sense of hope. before it felt like if we got ourselves together we could do something. >> gabby giffords put out a statement saying, i got shot in the head. she said that. i got shot in the head, and you guys did nothing. then 20 kids got shot and murdered, and now you're still doing nothing? it was a really powerful statement. but so that leads to this question, guys that's it? we're done? there is no hope? >> michael: cenk harry reid even changed his vote to a no
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vote because as leader that entitles him to bring the legislation up again on the senate. that's important. >> that's the half glass full that i was going to bring up. it wasn't even an universal background check in this particular bill. it's the weapons ban the magazine limit all of those things were getting shaved off that we've been talking about over the past month or two. at least with this not that i wanted this to happen, but it could have been something that they could have just passed it. they could have settled in and said we did everything with gun control, now you can shut up about it. and it wasn't much. now maybe now they can bring back something stronger. >> cenk: that's really interesting. i want to concentrate on that point. that's a really good point and i hadn't thought of it that way. so usually they do a fig leaf, hey, i gave you 95% change. we gave you financial reform, everybody go away.
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here they didn't do the fig leaf. they might have been smart to the fig leaf. everyone is saying shame on you in congress. the hero in arizona the woman who took the third cartridge awayawayaway from jared larghnor so he couldn't shoot more people. they had to take her out. unfortunately, there has to be another tragedy. i hate that. i hope there is never another tragedy and we never have to face it. but with 300 million guns in the country there is going to be another tragedy, oh my god why didn't we do something. we didn't do something because the sons of pitches at the n ra. >> you have been on television many times saying these guys are lying. there is a certain amount of weight that really needs
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standing up there and saying these guys are lying. therethere is so much about talking about policies, and on this show we talk about the need to call it out and say this person is racist or this is a lie. i hopeful that carries some weight and stays around. >> cenk: yeah, i don't know how it's going to. i don't know when they could possibly bring the bill back after honestly a crushing defeat today, but i think they went too far. i think there is a palpable sense that they went too far. harry reid who went against renewing the weapons ban back in 2004 voted for the assaults weapons ban. he was reticent about the whole thing. he came out on fire. i want to play, a-14. it goes to harry reid calling out the crazy conspiracists. >> we can and should take the common sense approach for modern weapons of war.
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assault weapons. that's why i will vote for dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban. i'll vote for the ban because maintaining "law & order" is more important than satisfying conspiracy theories who believe in black helicopters and false flags. >> cenk: michael, on that last point, how sad is it that the guys who believe in the black helicopters and false flags won they won the day. >> michael: they won the day. gun laws got a little more lax for them today. what has to happen in the united states senate they have to stop legislation lating to the exception. that's what they're doing. it's taking the people who are--that feel one right of theirs is going to be infringed upon so god for bid they do away with any of the rights. that's what has to change. i don't know if reid is the guy to do it. that's impressive. but characters who come together to defeat this, the people who had a real good day today.
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he still sees them as the enemy. that's good that he voted for the feinstein bill. >> cenk: stay in the war room. i'm going to check in at midnight to see if you're still there. >> michael: i might not be. it might be somebody else's shift. >> cenk: an amazing story--i'm going to medical you what it is. they legalized same-sex marriage. one of the first countries in that region of the world to do it. that's not what is amazing. see what happens right after the vote. it's the exact opposite of what happened in our congress. we'll show you. it's amazing. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks."
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god bless new zealand new zealand all of a sudden passing same-sex marriage. they're the first country in the region to do so. it was pass 77-44. watch this video. after it's passed, that's where it gets interesting. let's watch it again. >> members the ayes are 77. the nos are 44. [ cheering ] >> i understand-- [ singing ] >> cenk: they broke out in song. that's what happened, guys.
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i'm too emotional. i nearly teared up twice watching that. and here's where it gets great. the song is called poka rekar p anna. it is both a love song and the national anthem of new zealand. how perfect is that. by the way, the new zealand soldiers would sing it going into war. for that to come out spontaneously in the rafters was just a beautiful beautiful moment. all right, shayna, what is your reaction to this? >> it's amazing. it would be like having our congress start singing "america the beautiful." we hear it at sporting events and other places, it's emotional because of what happened in boston. this is the flip side, remembering that there is something beautiful and
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patriotic to celebrate when we extend rights to other people. >> cenk: the lawmaker, louisa wall, the sponsor of the bill they started hugging her. when they started singing the song, some of the conservatives who voted no, you see that bunch of them were not applauding. you assume they were the ones who voted no, but when the song starts they can't stay seated. a bunch of them rise up. when you see that, how are you on the wrong side of history. when this happens how are you on the wrong side of this event. >> right, not knowing the history behind the song and what it means i got chills watching that video. america, we're behind on this. we're supposed to be the most progressive country and recent recently uruguay passed same-sex
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marriage. they're the second country in the latin america. we're falling behind. >> new zealand passed the law. let's see how soon the society collapses. >> no more children because obviously gay people cannot have children. and they're going to start taking the house of commons. it's going down. >> cenk: they already lost order. the guy was gaveling order order. >> can anyone imagine that those things would happen because of this? that's the arguments. >> cenk: well, later in the show we're going to talk about how mark sandford has had a lot of marriage issues and family issues, but that was weirdly before new zealand passed their law, and that was in south carolina. >> uruguay had passed it. >> cenk: and it's goes to
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argentina. >> there are protests in france and in other countries people are deeply engaged in arguing about rights. you have massive protests in france against gay marriage and obviously here in the u.s. we have questions about it. this is a reminder of how joyous and exciting it can be in that moment instead of an argument. >> cenk: if i didn't already gavel this issue, i would gavel it now. things will roll backwards from time to time, this fight as shana points out it's nowhere near over. we won on civil rights, women's rights we're going to win on gay rights because we're right. the arc of history bends towards justice. and when it finally gets over the hump it's a joyous moment. the people who miss this are people like pat buchanan.
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he just wrote an article, live to what he says here. priests and pastors marched for civil rights. others preached for civil rights. but if the gay rights agenda is imposed we could have priests and pastors preaching not acceptance but principled rejection. he's talking about civil disobedience if we have gay rights. now we had civil dis disobedience to get rights. he said something akin to this could be in the cards in the home mow sexual rights movement is victorious. a public rejection of the new laws by millions and refusal by millions to respect or obey them. they're talking about the rule of law and you better fall the law. all of a sudden when the law is not on their identify, oh, i don't want to follow it any more. >> it's a gross misrepresentation of civil rights and of how people feel
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and in the religious movement over the past 10, 20 years. it's a time machine. is this 1983? we're not having the same conversation. here is my challenge to you. >> cenk: oh, okay gun. >> there are people whose names you don't mention on this show like she who shall not be named. i by pat buchanan should be on that list. i don't know if we have to wait until turkey time to throw him in the bin. is there anyone who thinks that millions are rising up against this? it's not happening. he's wrong. he's a liar. >> cenk: he's hateful in so many ways. you know, pat buchanan, and this is why i believe america is the right monthly--the right model and we have freedom of speech. pat buchanan was a fighter against the iraq war when we had very few right-wing guys against the iraq war. another difference between him and coulter. i was ready to do it.
4:37 pm
you teased me into it, but i don't think i am, honestly. i'll tell you why and it's based on principles. the reason why we don't mention man coulter because she's fake. i don't believe her. i think she's putting on a game. >> you don't think that's a game? you don't think buchanan is a game? >> cenk: no, i think buchanan is genuinely hateful. he's genuine in all of his positions. the wrong ones and the few right ones he's genuine about. it's dangerous but it's important to have that in the arena of conversation. it was an interesting challenge but shana i have accepted your challenges in the past. and over the weekend i saw a chick-fil-a. i thought of you and i thought i can't do it. >> all right, all right fine. >> you'll stay away from chick-fil-a. >> on a much more trivial levels, weddings are fine.
4:38 pm
why not have more weddings. i don't under. it's two people celebrating their love. i don't understand the rejection of a party for two people who love each other. >> people spontaneously broke into song after my wedding. >> cenk: after these stories. >> it was the most amazing moment of my life. it was overwhelming, and my wife and i had no idea that it would happen. it just happened. our officialant mentioned the lyrics and they started singing love. >> cenk: it was not the macrain in a. >> no, it was not the macrain in a. >> you didn't plan it for youtube. >> we don't even have video of it. >> cenk: when we come back, you know how the rights are always doing the culture war. we got a guy who is going to be a guest on our show who is fighting back. he's fighting back with millions of dollars. he said, you know what, not on
4:39 pm
my watch. i'm going to stand up for atheists and fight back against these guys. that conversation when we come back. weekdays 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." you know how bill o'reilly engage in their culture war? the battle is joined now. joined by a guy who is joining us todd, the president and founder steeple free thought foundation he fights back for atheists and agnostics in the country. it's great to have you on "the young turks"." >> thanks for having me on the show. it's great to be here. >> cenk: talk about your background. did you grow up religious? and what happened. >> i was raised catholic but
4:43 pm
relatively liberal catholic. i asked questions and did not get a lot of great answers. over time i was not sure whether or not i believed in god. then i realized i was an agnostic and then realized i did not believe in god, i was an atheist. that's how i traveled the religious path. i had the opportunity to do what i want with my life, and extremely lucky and decided to try to change the world for a better. that's what led me to my activism. >> the press reports say you're spending $3.5 million in this campaign. first of all that's awesome. second of all, where is the money from and how did you decide toal to allocate it to this and why. >> the money is from the sale of my family's business which i worked at for 12 years and helped grow. it was a lot of fun. it was awesome getting to work with my family. when we sold the business, i had the student to do something with
4:44 pm
my time that i thought would make a real difference. i chose this for really a couple of reasons. first, atheists and humanists are the most discriminated group in the country in terms of the way they're perceived and trusted. when you determine how people will vote, we fall below everybody. we're at the bottom of the list. that's the first area. i say gaining respect for free thinkers is the first movement. the number one threat internally in this country is the threat of the religious right stripping us of our civil liberties. the greatest external threats to this country is the threat of radical fundamentalist religious people attacking us. i tried to take an approach of working with religious people and people of all stripes to counter fundamentalism in its various forms and build a better stronger, freeer country.
4:45 pm
>> cenk: is this debate because of the muslim terrorist right wing terrorists, the thing that binds--and the reason that people wonder about that is because of the past, 9/11, muslim fundamentalists and then the bombing of abortion clinics, and what binds them is religious fundamentalism. i think it's a worthwhile project. obviously i'm agnostic, so i agree with you. you'll get a lot of push back, todd. how dare you, this is offensive. a lot of religious people take offense when people like you fight back. >> that's true. some people do. but a lot of religious people have doubts of their own. and it's important to recognize how would you like to be treated if your doubts led you to stop believing. that's what happened to me and other people.
4:46 pm
should you be treated differently because those doubts lead to a different conclusion? no, at the end of the day some people get upset and defensive but i try to remain somewhat moderate. my wife is a christian that helps to keep me in line a little bit. >> cenk: all right, it's so true too. religious people have to realize, we who don't believe any more right we're surrounded by believers. my mom is a believer. when i talk about people who are religious i always have my mom in mind. i never want to offend you. i don't want insult you, but at the same time we want to provide an avenue for people who think a little differently and have that be acceptable. in politics, that's important because agnostics and atheists have been run over in this country even though it's the first secular country in the world, it was set up so we're not ruled by religion. that's the whole point of the country. that leads to the question of
4:47 pm
how do you fight back? >> well, we fight back in a lot of ways. i think the number one way is doing what you did right now. saying i'm an agnostic. i'm an agnostic, and i'm an atheist. it's showing people we're your friends, you're your neighbor, we're your family. we're the people who we always were. we're good, decent people like everyone else. we're hard working americans and we love this country and we love each other. this is i think something where we can lead by example and just step out and show who we are. you know we also do a lot of other things in this movement. we lobby in d.c. to groups like the secular groups coalition for america. we have educational programs, i fund programs to build awareness. we also do charity work. for example, one of the things i'm working now is foundation beyond belief for leukemia and
4:48 pm
limp foam ma society. doing it now in a way that helps to break down the stereotypes and helps to surprise people, wait a minute, there is an atheist doing something i didn't expect. they support the same causes that i support. >> cenk: todd steifel. thank you for joining us, and from my perspective, thank you for leading the fight. i appreciate it. >> cenk: it's good to be on the same team, cenk. >> cenk: when we come back, a guy who is clearly not on our team louie ghmert. he is the dumbest congressman in the country. we'll show you when we come back. politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding.
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>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks," and we have another update for you guys. the person who sent the poisoned letters to president obama and the two senators has been arrested. "new york times" reporting this, cbs, cnn is also reporting it, so you never know. no, to be fair, he really has been arrested. apparently it's a guy from mississippi, and that might explain why he sent it to roger wicker, who is from mississippi. he's just been arrested. it doesn't mean he has been convicted. we'll find out through our justice system whether it really is him or not. i've got the panel here. i've got shana and hermela aregawi, jayar jackson. we're going to talk about the dumbest congressman in america louie ghomert. i've been saying this for a long time, and every time he comes back and proves me right. he's talking about boston bombing. >> we owe it to the immigrants
4:53 pm
who came in legally to make sure they're safe as well. we know that al-qaeda has camps with the drug cartel on the other side of the mexican border. we know people have been trained to act like they're hispanic when they're radical islamists. we know this is happening and it's insane not to protect yourself and make sure people come in, as most people do, they want the freedoms we have. >> cenk: so now apparently al-qaeda is acting like hispanic. i'm not sure i know what that means, guys, but working hard, loving your family. >> what is he talking about? he's talking about so many things and trying to connect things that don't connect. if you're talking about acting line hispanic, i guess you could say, middle eastern people and hispanic people sometimes have similar features or complexions but i'm not sure what he's suggesting that we do. >> cenk: i think he's slightly off balanced, mentally. >> absolutely.
4:54 pm
>> cenk: he is actually a sitting u.s. congress person. he thinks there are big al-qaeda camps on the other side of the border like they're getting ready to cross the border, and training how to act hispanic and how is this not a viral song already acting like a hispanic. >> it will be now. >> it's scaring me. especially this is a week where i think a lot of people have remembered there is plenty to be scared of in america. whether that true or not, we're assed a risk of violence as other people in the world. and then you got this guy who comes out with this completely inane statement preying on that in a way that makes so little sense, i'm sure there are people who agree with him. >> cenk: that's a great point. >> this is what we should be scared of and what we should go after. that's a tragedy. >> cenk: that's a great point.
4:55 pm
as soon as there is a shooting they say don't politicize it. but the minute the bombings happen, they come out and say the immigrants. and then ghomert o the immigrants they're al-qaeda. >> be scared of something everything so we can control as much of your life. >> he has this rare blend of fear and stupidity. sometimes the ignorant but it's literally stupid along with how afraid he is of everything. he couples those together and comes up with these statements. who is we, and how do you know it. i don't know how long he was on, but the next question is how do you know? when did you know about them actings like hispanic for me, please. >> cenk: i always said the conservatives want you to be scared muslims and mexicans, here he is combining the two they're all out there right
4:56 pm
across the border. the must i muslims and the mexicans, they're coming. i only have a few minutes to tell you that mark sanford has been busted again. the guy in south carolina who used to be the governor. his beef caught him trespassing in the house turned him. she threw him under a bus. hey, hey. sad day. he has a record of trespassing in the house and he didn't pay $5,000 for a college bill for his kid. you know what happened? the republicans also threw him out of the house. they stopped funding his campaign. old school for this guy. we have to take a break and one final point when we come back. real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv.
4:57 pm
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>> cenk: we decide our crew is going to be a new band called m abandon m. the first song will be "acting like a hispanic." we're coming for you. we're across the border. find out our debut song tonight at "the young turks".com. "viewpoint" is next. >> john: i'm john fugelsang. good evening. this is "viewpoint." my friends there are days when politics are frustrating, and then there are days when it's down right december gusting. unless you're a terrorist a violent felon or an insane person who wants to buy a gun off the books today was a disgusting time. with parents of the victims of sandy hook elementary school looking on, the bill banning the purchase of firearms was
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